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By Greg Lietz

One of the main ways to compromise internet security on your PC is via a program called a Trojan Horse. A Trojan Horse is a program that quietly runs in the background, inviting the user to run it, while spreading its malicious code. This code can do any number of things. It can start right away or it may simply install a program that won't start for sometime. Once it does start, it can delete all of the files on the computer or it can infect the computer and try to infect other computers on the network. There are a number of ways spyware is delivered, and as a Trojan horse is the most common.

In addition to these things, spyware may infect your e-mail address book. Once this occurs, spam will be sent to every single person in every single infected address book.

The major difference between spyware like Gator and most other spyware programs is that users are understandably notified of its download before it actually occurs.

Another significant spyware threat is CoolWebSearch. This spyware can do a number of things to compromise your internet security. First, it can take over your current internet settings, making things display wrong, and causing other system inconsistencies.

The third major spyware threat is 180searchassistant. This program has both pop-up and pop-under ads based on the user's search terms. Moreover, once a site is clicked on, a new browser window opens to display more advertisements based on the search terms. It constantly updates by itself, and it can display pop-up ads even when the internet is not running. In addition to compromising your internet security, it can cause system slow downs.

The fourth detrimental spyware threat to your internet security is ISTbar. This spyware program displays adult pop-ups, even when the internet is not in use. It can hijack your browser settings, reset your homepage, and cause continual cascading pop-ups while you are using the internet. It will continually download related files without your knowledge. Moreover, it can cause system slow downs.

The final major spyware threat to your internet security is Internet Optimizer. This program redirects your computer to its advertising sites. It also downloads and continually updates itself without your knowledge. The worst part about this spyware, though, is it leaves a back door open to your system so other viruses can penetrate your defenses.

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