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Learn Classical Guitar

by Fame Ahmed

What Distinguishes a Classical Guitar?

A classical guitar has a different anatomy than regular guitars. It has six strings, with the bass strings made of nylon wrapped in brass wire and the treble strings made from nylon. The body of the guitar is symmetrical and made of wood. It includes no electronics.

Stairway to Heaven on classical guitar
By Peo Kindgren

A classical guitarist is not just a person who plays a classical repertoire. It is also important the way he plays. A classical guitarist plucks the strings with the fingers from his right hand and doesn't use any pick. There are also some recommendations about the position of the body that make a classical guitarist different from other guitarists.

How to Start Learning?

The best way to go is definitely a private teacher. He/she will provide you with personal attention and teach you all the technical points of posture or hand position better than any other method. You can learn classical guitar from books as well, but it will probably take longer and you may develop bad habits that are more difficult to break after a long time.

The main disadvantage about taking up private lessons to learn classical guitar is that they cost $15-$20 an hour. A solution would be to find a teacher that teaches group lessons to 4-6 students at once. This way you will pay much less, as well as benefit from observing your classmates. You can take up private lessons later if you feel the need to do it.

Where Can You Find a Teacher?

His/her qualifications: Is he/she a performer as well? What kind of degree does he/she have? What is his/her teaching experience, in years as well as number of students? Are the students satisfied with the lessons? Does he/she specializes in teaching classical guitar or teaches all kinds of guitar? Although these questions don't necessarily reveal whether he/she is a good teacher or not, you can use the information in your final decision on whether you can learn classical guitar from him/her.

Approach to study: The prospective teacher should be able to clearly explain what you will actually learn from the lessons. If you really want to learn classical guitar, you will easily identify a teacher who seem to provide vacuous entertainments most of the lesson, just point out your mistakes and give assignments or cannot provide much advice other than practicing harder. Be careful not to choose a teacher who doesn't take immediate and firm measures to correct any painful condition that you might encounter.

As a general advice, try to find a music tutor whose competency you believe in and give your best effort to learn classical guitar from him/her. After several lessons, evaluate whether you are actually progressing you should actually get what you're paying for.

Although a professional guitar teacher is definitely the best way to learn classical guitar, you may choose other methods too. If you don't have enough time or can't afford private lessons, a theory book can also help. If you are serious about playing better, you should be able to learn classical guitar from a well-written and informative book as well.

Fame Ahmed is a well known author worldwide. He has written numerous works on various topics. He is an expert in research and writing reviews and articles based on his findings.

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