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Nollywood Film Industry

by Munish

Nollywood is the film industry of Nigeria. The name is derived from the Hollywood. It dates back to 1960's. It is the third largest film industry in the world after America and India.

Ola Balogun and Hubert Ogunde made first film of Nigeria in 1960 but the cost of production was very high. Earlier there was not any broadcasting station in Nigeria but from 1980 every state has its own broadcasting station. Many videos were circulated to these broadcasting stations. Nigerian film industry is also known as 'home videos'.

The first blockbuster of Nollywood was the movie named 'living in Bondage'. Movies are based on different themes of daily life like Corruption, AIDS, and Women Rights and so on. Some of the movies of Nollywood are based on the Christian and Islamic faith like popular movie 'Not without My Daughter'. The movie is based on the obstacles in marrying inter-religion. In a movie a Muslim man who wants to marry a Christian woman but faced many obstacles. Mercy Johnson, Lillian Bach, Hassant Akinwande, Jide Kosoko, Oge Okoye, Regina Askia and Rita Dominic are some of the famous artists of Nollywood.

The film industry is on its developing path. The reason of its success is the use of English language rather than local language Hausa. The movies are famous all over the world. Good number of movies are released every year. The first movie which reached the international level was 'Osuofia in London'. The comedic actor Nkem Owoh, acted in the movie. The African filmmakers won many awards for making serious movies. The Nigerian movie industry produces about 400 movies in a year. The movies are produced in a very short period and does not take much time and money.

Earlier the movies of Nollywood were made with traditional technologies. Now Nigerian directors adopted the new technology of digital video which is affordable. All the work of post production of the movie and its music is being edited by computer based system.

Most of the critics criticize Nollywood movies for poor production and dialogues. But in last 13 years Nollywood industry has grown into a big industry and it employs large number of people. The cinema of Nigeria is developing day by day.

Nollywood movies are produced in 'Studio Tinapa', Calabar. But all the movies are not produced in same studio some of them are produced in the natural locations of Nigeria . Nigerian movies are available in almost all the areas of the continent. Currently the Nigerian films are distributed on large scale.

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