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PC TV - Television from your PC and Internet

PC TV - Television from your PC and Internet

by Xpat Admin

You may have seen the advertisements offering TV via your internet connection. Certainly with Google, it seems a popular subject for sponsored links.

We decided to check out what is actually involved with this TV via the Internet facility, and our findings were not quite what we expected.

After looking at a number of different websites offering these services, mostly for a one off, lifetime fee, we decided to buy from a site which looked professional. We will not reveal what the site was called. There were countless sites that looked as if they had been developed in a matter of minutes and did not inspire us with confidence to give away hard earned cash.

The process was smooth and the financial arrangements were dealt with via Paypal. We felt assured that our credit card details were safe at least. Once we had completed the payment process, we were assured that we would receive a link where we could download our purchase. At this point, we had no idea what our purchase would be? Sure enough, once we had parted with 4.99, we received a link and headed off to download our new purchase.

To say we were a little disappointed is probably an under statement. What we had downloaded was a text document, with somewhere in the region of around 150 - 200 links. In fact, we had purchased nothing, other than what we could have found if we had spent time searching the Internet. In hindsight, for 4.99, it saved us some searching at least.

Each link on the list would open a TV broadcast in your media player, albeit Windows media player or Real Player. Despite the countless number of dead links, we soldiered on and were amazed to actually start receiving a TV feed. It was a Christian channel broadcasting from Canada. Hardly prime time TV, but TV all the same.

Before we had agreed to make the purchase, advertisements were stating that you could have live football, adult movies (not why we purchased) and much much more. Strictly speaking, it is correct, but the impression we had from the sites, was that you would have channels like Sky and other major broadcasters. It was not the case with our purchase. We are not saying that it is not the case with the other sites, just the one we chose.

If you are considering the TV via Internet, it may be worthwhile doing a little research into exactly what you might expect for your money. We are sure that there are other articles or forums that might explain in more detail, but all we can say is, we wont be watching much TV via our PC. Never mind.

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