Other links on article pages

Beside your links there are a few links at the bottom of article, from writer and/or source of article. On top of page might be a banner, leading to a site relevant to article. There will never be any more outbound links on the article pages, no adsense or any other PTC ads.

If you do not fill up the whole space next to the article with your listing, we will place text and/or pictures with a few links there, but these will always be inbound links, linking to other articles, or commercial pages within our domain.

How to get the most from your article page listing

If you happen to write articles to promote your page(s), replace article with one of your own, or better stil, write one special for this page.This gives you a few extra links to your page. Do not try to sell a product, rather try to give info on said product.

Fill up whole space next to article, and here you can sell your product. Add picture(s) with good relevant alt tags, link them to your (product) page.

Promote your article page

Link to it from your site, blog, other articles you write.Tagging, social book marking, just use any method you know to promote your article page.

We, from our end, will promote the whole site anyway we can think of, so over time we might get what we are trying to accomplish, high rankings in the search engines for relevant keywords/phrases.